We are Jaspal and Aman!

Together they make up one fun-loving, adventure-craving couple.

Jaspal & Aman are both close to their family and friends with whom they have shared countless memories and life experiences. Without them and the infamous Cupcake they would not have been able to have their fairy tale wedding. Whilst Aman grew up as a confident, bossy and inquisitive girl on the south coast of England, Jaspal was born in Canada and later emigrated to U.K as a young, mischievous yet clumsy child. Their careers couldn’t be less alike as Aman has qualified as a pharmacist and Jaspal now works within the logistics industry and manages various operations for blue chip companies, yet they share similar passions for travel and food.

Jaspal and Aman met 4 years ago thanks to a blind date and a lucky set up by their good friend Patricia. Whilst Aman was excited at the prospect of meeting her dream man, Jaspal was more reluctant. A chance encounter with some of her friends at a wedding persuaded him to give it a go as they assured him Aman was the ‘cute, quirky and funny’ girl he had been looking for.After losing his phone, losing her number and playing it cool, Jaspal eventually sat down in complete private with five of his closest friends to compose a text message asking Aman out. They began texting each other and they clicked.

. When they look back at their first date Aman remembers Jaspal being nervous and gentleman like and Jaspal remembers how Aman didn’t stop talking for five hours from the minute she got into his car. It worked perfectly!

Together they have travelled all over the world from Italy to New York to Switzerland and Barbados.

We chose Goa and more specifically The Leela because it had the perfect combination of pristine beaches,tropical greenery and outstanding hospitality for our five events. We researched extensively in the far east and ultimately, wewanted somewhere with great weather as it was our dream to have our events outside and make the most of the beautiful scenery.We wanted to give our guests an unforgettable experience. We fell in love with the regal-ness, that the Leela brand is known for and the property had that ‘WOW’ factorthat we had craved when we visited Goa one year prior to our wedding dates. As soon as we entered the space we felt like we were in paradise and relished the opportunity to plan our events in this unique setting.


We were always aware that after the wedding, other than our great memories, photography and film were the only way for us to relive our magical moments. We didn’t want to compromise on this aspect of the wedding because the moments pass so quickly and we needed a team who would not miss an opportunity for a great shot and Cupcake did not disappoint! Whilst there are many companies out there, we found that Cupcake captured the candid moments so perfectly with great emotion, and we fell in love with their work before we met them.With the world being so accessible these days, we wanted a team who understood our vision and would transform the memories into film for us and social media so that our friends and families around the world could be transported back to the special, intimate and fun times. This is no small task and when we met Jayant and Shruti we knew in our hearts that they were just as passionate about our wedding as we were.

The story of how we first met was quite a funny one. It was really a combination of fate and luck that we were able to sit down with Jayant and Shruti in Goa a year before our big day. Cupcake happened to be working on a wedding project at The Leela during our visit to Goa to book our dream wedding. We had emailed the team and were awaiting a response when Jaspal, by chance, noticed a ‘ Cupcake ’ t-shirt on one of the photographers. Both of us ran to him and asked to meet Jayant and Shruti if they were available and they came over to us within minutes thinking we were either the bride or groom from their wedding booking. When Jayant realised we were just huge fans, we laughed and shared stories over masala chai and a bond was formed. With our intimate wedding of 100 guests Jayant and Shruti were excited to bring their creativity forward. Throughout the wedding events our guests had joked that the ‘ paparazzi ’ did not miss a single thing. The team were professional and worked tirelessly to capture our each and every move. Jayant and Shruti were not just our personal photographers, they soon become our dear friends and since our big day we have shared tears, laughter and gasps of excitement with our guests at their work,made to showcase our events.

Makeup Artist – Nina Ubhi
Photography & Filming Cupcake Productions